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Becoming a mother has been one of the hardest challenges I have had to face in my life. Nothing could have prepared me for this new chapter. I remember being quite relaxed throughout my pregnancy having planned everything to a T. From my pregnancy diet to my birthing plan, I had read every book and knew everything there was to know about overstimulation, understimulation and the importance of sleep the Baby Sense way. I was ready!

I was not.

The day of my daugher’s arrival was the first day of many to come where things just did not go according to plan. I did not want an induction or augmentation. I did not want any drugs for pain. I wanted skin-to-skin immediately after birth and expected my daughter to latch straight away. Instead, I woke up in a daze a couple of hours later and when my daughter was finally handed over to me I was faced with another challenge…breastfeeding.

I am a medical doctor with years of experience in Accident and Emergency Room trauma in South Africa and abroad. I also have a Masters in Public Health and am incredibly passionate about prevention of disease and injury through knowledge. I started OneAid in the hopes of being able to empower parents and caregivers alike through sharing of my own journey as a Mom-Doc and offering useful information, tips and products relating to children’s health and safety.

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